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Research Database on the U.S. Voting System and Voting Technology

votinghomepagesmall.jpgAmerica prides itself as a nation that allows its citizens to decide by the power of the vote. Recent past elections have demonstrated, however, that many votes are not tallied or improperly counted. There is a growing consensus in America that improvements to the election process are very much needed. Yet, surprisingly, so little is known about the fundamentals - the accuracy, reliability and security of voting technologies, election administration, etc. More research and greater understanding of the U.S. voting system are imperative in order to implement effective changes.

The Research Database on the U.S. Voting System and Voting Technology provides access to empirical and analytical research about voting and elections to inform evidence-based reforms. The database includes bibliographic information, abstracts and links to research covering a broad set of issues such as accessibility, ballot design, public confidence, voter demographics, voting technology, and voter registration.

To get started, SEARCH THE DATABASE.

The database is provided by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Click here for more on AAAS projects on the U.S. voting system and AAAS's site on Science and Technology in the 2008 Presidential Election.

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